EMBLEM: An Integrated E-Mail and Web Calendaring Solution
Documentation File v1.0a1

 Editor’s note: This documentation is a preliminary set of instructions for configuration of the software. Once a final version is released, a complete user guide will be compiled.

 Essential configuration
To configure these variables, edit the config.php file inside the config folder.

 Your organization’s name.
 The title that appears at the top of the page in the webmail interface.
 Put the URL of a page here if you want users to be redirected to a custom page when they sign out of the system.
 Place the default language your users will use here. Look in the locale folder for abbreviations. The default is en_US, American English.
 The name you want to have printed in the upper-right hand corner, which is the link to the calendaring system. Default is “Web Calendaring.”
 The URL which the provider_name text links to. The link to the Web Calendaring system.
 The default domain which EMBLEM is located at. In an EMBLEM address, the yourdomain.com part of yourname@yourdomain.com.
 SMTP server settings. Address, port, authentication, etc.
 IMAP server settings. Use these if you prefer IMAP servers to SMTP or your servers only support IMAP.
If you need any additional help, please visit our Support Services at http://emblem.sourceforge.net/support